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About Zumba® Lessons      Voted Best Zumba in Northern Virginia

Zumba dancers having fun while getting fit to a latin beat during Zumba lessons

Zumba® is a dance-fitness party that uses Latin and International rhythms to create a fun, high calorie burning workout for all age groups, body types, and fitness levels. Our Zumba® instructors are trained and make sure that everyone is moving and having a great time.

Zumba® fuses hypnotic musical rhythms and tantalizing moves to create a dynamic workout system designed to be FUN and EASY TO DO!!!

No special equipment is needed - just grab a towel and comfortable dance sneakers or cross-trainer shoes and come join the party.

About Yoga Classes

Stretch your body and mind with a Fit Body 'n Mind Hatha Yoga Class in Springfield or Lorton VA

The all levels Hatha yoga classes at Fit Body 'n Mind are perfect for beginners or experienced yoga students. The physical yoga practice combines breath work with poses that can be modified or amplified to provide a unique experience for each person in the class. Each yoga practice is designed to lift the spirit, calm the mind and provide a workout that will burn calories, strengthen your body and improve or increase your flexibility.


Fit Body 'n Mind Classes Held At:

American Legion Hall -

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6520 Amherst Avenue
Springfield, VA 22150

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The Seven Chakras and Their Meaning

Join us starting Saturday, February 13 when for the next seven weeks we'll explore our energy vortexes or Chakras through our morning practice.

Each chakra is related to a body part, associated with a color, has it's own sound and scent. We'll connect through our practice with a different chakra each week.

You are invited to energize your practice by wearing the color of the week as you learn more about chakra's and let the energy flow.

Saturday, February 13      Root Chakra                  Red

Saturday, February 20      Sacral Chakra                Orange

Saturday, February 27      Solar Plexas Chakra        Yellow

Saturday, March 5            Heart Chakra                  Green

Saturday, March 12           Throat Chakra                 Blue

Saturday, March 19           Brow/Third Eye Chakra    Indigo

Saturday, March 26           Crown Chakra                 Violet/Purple

Corporate Classes

Would you like to bring Zumba® or Yoga to your office? We offer onsite Corporate Classes. To bring a class to your workplace call us at 571-306-0831 or email info@fitbodynmind.com.

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